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hiya, and welcome to my webpage! Need a rest stop while browsing the world wide web? no fear! I have eyecandy and gifs to look at over here ( ^ u ^) check out my art gallery or gif collection while your at it why don't you? Enjoy your stay and I hope you find no problems here!!!

come check out my links if you have the time! or don't! ヽ(・∀・)ノ


updating the site slowly since i'm doing this along with college classes, so uh..bear with me! enjoy what I have so far lawl

I'm chiffonfluff (or chiffon for short!) and this is my personal/art website! I am always open for commissions, check out my art gallery for my portfolio and my kofi for commission info and to tip me! I made this site in hopes of messing around in html and maybe get a bit better at coding. This is also just a place for me to dump art and my inane ramblings. I don't bite, and am pretty friendly! Feel free to follow this site as well as my social media links in the top/mid right corner over there! Update list is below, this site is likely gonna be updated randomly and at no schedule obviously since life and college.

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10/20/21: moved music to center of page and fixed broken links, new blog availible! also links now open in their own windows.
10/19/21: added music bar with music and marque on miscbox lower right
10/11/21: updated homepage with a few graphics of my own. Art gallery is p much finished except for imgur links on some pages still need to be added
10/10/21: updated gallery with pages 3, 4, and 5; art gallery is nearly finished being built!
10/6/21: updated gallery with page 1, 2, and 3
10/1/21: updated homepage with gifs, background, links, colors, etc.


when the cold brew hits!