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Halloween Franchise Review!


Gonna try and get in the funk of things by reviewing some movies I've watched so far, don't expect actual reviews btw more like rating and just saying some words ell oh ell!

Part 2...we will review the h20 timeline movies, the two Rob Zombie Reboots, as well as Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills, so stay tuned.

20 October 2021

hello there

Oh, goodie my first blog post! erm hi uh...I'll prob just use these things for ramblings and stuff. Feel free to look at my links on the top left and stuff as usual...perhaps I should talk a bit more about myself, hm? My name is chiffonfluff, but you can call me Chiffon. I am primarily a digital artist that uses clip studio paint and MSpaint, and I also draw in traditional means with pencil and pens! I have a wide variety of pieces labeled by year on my art gallery page, and it'd mean a lot if you checked them out; It'd also mean a lot if you commissioned or tipped me over on my Kofi! I, unfortunately, am currently an unseen artist that doesn't get much engagement on my art on social media platforms, which isn't that big of a deal, but it will when it comes to when I have to pay my own bills and feed myself in the future and finish college. Some personal details about myself I guess I'll reveal to you are: I am a college student as of this blog post; I am a furry and have a deer fursona; I enjoy reading about wildlife, ocean life, watching video essays, and watching horror and animated movies; I am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns, and I am a lesbian! But that's pretty much all I'm gonna give away. Toodles!

19 October 2021